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Red Alert Grand National Series

The Single Elimination Bracket Tournement

Fun for All ages and skill Levels


Welcome !!

You have found one of the new premier Red Alert Tournements around. My goal is to bring a nice new approach to the sceene by providing a single elimination bracket where you keep playing until gain the top spot or fail to another opponent. New brackets will appear weekly so get in quickly because as word gets around, spots will fill up quick. Have fun and good gaming. Thanks, Kevin.



Very simple, All players must play fairly and respect each other. This is a very serious yet fun Tournement. Players must show up and play there games ontime, and report final standings. They can play via modem, Wchat, Kali, Heat, ect. just as long as the game is played between the two compeditors. The final winner will be desplayed on the site all week and put on a Master board. People who fail to comply with the rules will be disqualified, and possibly banned from future play. Let's not ruin it for everyone.

Player Check-In / Game Report:

To sign up, e-mail me your name, e-mail address, and a screen name you want to be known as. You will get a response back with a personal password. You will keep it as long as you play. New Tournements will be posted. They arn't on any set schedule yet, so check back to the site often. When you check in for a tournement, simply email me with your Screen name and password. Please put "Player Check-in" as your subject. This is so there is no confusion on if you are playing or not. Brackets are picked at random. When you face another player, and your match is over, the WINNER e-mails me with the match number, name of winner, and the kills for the game. Please use the subject "Game Report" with the number of your match (Example : Game Report #2). The brackets are updated as soon as the information is recieved. Email

(Brackets are 50 players Each)




This Week's Bracket


1st Round

2nd Round

3rd Round

4th Round

1st Round: (Not Up Yet) Get your Entry's in Now! First 25 Start Tonight!


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