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Welcome to Department 56

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Welcome All to my Site!

Welcome to my site that I worked hard on for a couple of weeks now. It will take some time untill I get this site where I wanted it to be. There are many different things accociated with my site. Please enjoy my intrests and hobbies, as well as my strong intrest in Department 56 houses. I've been collecting with my mother for about 5 years while she has been in it for nearly eleven. I wished that I could of obtained some of the older houses that appraciated and are now alot of money. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to drop me a line at

Collecting and hobbies don't take up all of my time. I play Varsity soccer for my school, as well as tournement bowl all winter long. I like to chat online and play Paintball. I just reciently added ICQ Tm. to my system and what a job it has done. I met many new people through it and would recomend it to anyone. Web sites take a TON of time to set up and correctly establish. The summertime is basically the only time that I have to set up such one while conflicting with work. I am going to be a Junior this year. I just got my license the other day and I felt great. Please enjoy my hard work. Thanks,



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This page has been visited times. Plus the 325 that were deleted!

Special Thanks to Matt Lake for Helping me out on getting many of these areas together.

Power Cronicles Inc. 1997

I will have a Guestbook up Soon. This Site is still under construction.

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